Welcome to My New Journey!

For many years, I have called myself a writer but my writing has been limited,  sticking to my own novels and escape writing. I scorned journal writing or Diary keeping. I realize how limiting this is, how much this is crippling me as both as a writer and an artist. So I have decided to create this new blog to start writing about….everything!
Now for introductions, Hi I am Renee! I am 26 years old-TODAY in fact! I have been many things in my life, I have taken on many a label and I have either tried to fit in to that Label or forced myself to be defined by that Label, but recently I have come to the realization that I am so much more then any title, any label whether its given or self imposed. I am so much more then Victim, Geek/Nerd. Bookworm, Small, Drop-out.  I am a passionate intelligent reader, I love learning I adore facts, I adore stories, I have survived time and time again, so it is time for me to explore all the ways I have survived.
The Title of the Blog came from a fellow an older friend who was listening to advice I was sprouting and I said “I know I am young.” and her response was “You are a young pup! But you have so much wisdom in you!”
So in this time of extreme growth, of exploration I have decided to take on anyone who wishes to join me on this. This blog will be part journal both writing and personal, part infodump, part review, part what ever I need in the moment of writing.
May you glean something from this, may I learn something about myself and challenge myself, and may we all have a little fun!


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